Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 5

Ali Ramlawi

Ali Ramlawi

Ali Ramlawi is the owner of Jerusalem Garden, a downtown Ann Arbor restaurant. This is his second bid for public office. He is unopposed on Nov. 6. Councilmembers elected this year will serve a four-year term.

Ramlawi defeated incumbent Chuck Warpehoski in the Aug. 7 Democratic primary, winning 50.94% of votes cast. No Republican is running in Ward 5.

According to his campaign website, Ramlawi states that he's running because the council needs "more voices, more views and more diversity" and that he will "remain independent of the factional parties on council."

Ramlawi previously sought a Ward 5 seat as an independent in the Nov. 7, 2017 general election. He ran against incumbent Democrat Chip Smith and lost in a close race, gaining 48.36% of the vote.

Ramlawi opposed the sale of the city-owned Library Lot, arguing that the proposed 17-story building would hurt the city. His business is adjacent to that property. He says that opponents to the project are often inaccurately labeled as anti-development NIMBYs, but that he supports development when done responsibility and in appropriate locations, such as the Huron Street corridor.

Jerusalem Garden was one of the plaintiffs in a 2009 lawsuit against the city over construction of the Library Lane underground parking garage. The lawsuit was ultimately settled in 2010.

Ramlawi doesn't think the city involves enough residents and business owners in its decision-making processes, and he's concerned about the general direction that the city is taking on development. The city needs affordable housing and workforce housing, he says, but also needs to maintain Ann Arbor's quality of life.

Ramlawi is an avid cyclist. He lives on the Old West Side.

His campaign treasurer is Justin Jacobsen.

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