What Issues Will You Be Voting On?

The Nov. 6 election isn't just about local candidates. Ann Arbor voters will also weigh in on city, county and state ballot proposals. (It might be stating the obvious, but if you live in Ann Arbor, you also vote on county and regional/state proposals.) 

Click on the boxes below for information on proposals that Ann Arbor voters will see on their Nov. 6 ballots. Those issues include designating the "Library Lot" property as an urban park, authorizing a tax for parks maintenance, and changing the procedure for filling vacancies in elective offices.

Several other communities and districts outside of Ann Arbor will have ballot proposals as well. Check out this list on the county elections website for more info.

If you're ready to see a SAMPLE BALLOTclick here.

The Proposals

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What if I don't live in Ann Arbor?

We don't have the resources (yet!) to offer a comprehensive guide to all candidates and ballot proposals in the county. If you'd like to support the expansion of our work, click here to donate to The CivCity Initiative, which operates AnnArborVotes.org. We're a 501(c)(3) organization and your contributions are tax deductible!