Washtenaw County Ballot Proposal 

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There is one Washtenaw County tax proposal for voters to decide on Nov. 6: A 10-year tax renewal for county parks & recreation. 

Remember: Ann Arbor voters will also be weighing in on three City of Ann Arbor proposals as well as three statewide ballot proposals.

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Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Tax Renewal

Washtenaw County is asking voters to approve a 10-year, 0.25-mill tax renewal to fund the acquisition, development and maintenance of county parks and the operation of county recreation facilities. The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners authorized adding this proposal to the Nov. 6 ballot at their June 6, 2018 meeting.

The current millage expires after Dec. 1, 2019. If approved, this tax would be levied for 10 years starting in December 2020. It would raise an estimated $3.84 million that year.

The county operates 13 parks and 28 nature preserves, a total of just over 7,300 acres. County Farm Park and the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center are the main county parks & rec locations in Ann Arbor. In the past, funds from this millage have been used to support a variety of other projects countywide, including the trail network in the Dexter area, the Ann Arbor Skate Park, and the Water Street Trail in Ypsilanti. Click here for more information about the county parks & recreation.

So how much is 0.25 mills? It depends on the value of your property. If you own a home with a $200,000 market value and a $100,000 taxable value, you’d pay $25 per year.  (Check out our Voter Vocabulary glossary for a more detailed explanation of how to calculate a millage.)

One further note: Because of the Headlee Amendment rollback, the actual levy will be 0.2314 mills. Headlee is a 1978 amendment to the Michigan Constitution that automatically "rolls back" tax rates to the rate of inflation. Here's a series of articles by the Michigan State University Extension's government & public policy group explaining how Headlee works and its impact on local governments.

There is no formal opposition to this tax proposal.

Here's exactly what you'll see on the ballot:

Proposition to Renew the Tax Limitation for Parks and Recreation Purposes Including Acquisition, Development, Maintenance and Operation of Park Lands and Recreation Facilities for the Benefit of Washtenaw County Citizens

To renew the millage expiring after December 31, 2019, shall the limitation on the amount of taxes which may be imposed each year for all purposes on real and tangible personal property in Washtenaw County be increased as provided in Section 6, Article IX of the Constitution of the State of Michigan and the Board of Commissioners of the County be authorized to levy a tax not to exceed one quarter of one mill, reduced by the Headlee Amendment to 0.2314 ($0.2314 per $1,000.00 of state equalized valuation) on the taxable value of such property for a period of ten years beginning with the levy made on December 1, 2020 (which will generate estimated revenues of $3.84 million in the first year) for the purpose of acquiring, developing, operating and maintaining park lands and recreational facilities for County citizens?


In the News: Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Tax Renewal

November Election 2018: Washtenaw County Millage Renewal Proposal Makes 'Parks System Possible'WEMU, Nov. 5, 2018

Background memo prepared for the Washtenaw County Board of CommissionersWashtenaw County staff, June 6, 2018






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