Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 5

Chip Smith

Chip Smith

UPDATE: Incumbent Chip Smith defeated Ali Ramlawi on Nov. 7, 2017. Smith received 51.47% of votes, compared to 48.36% for Ramlawi. Turnout in Ward 5 was 27.09%. Click here for detailed results of the Ward 5 election.

Charles "Chip" Smith is a senior planner in the Environmental Design and Planning Group of Wade Trim, a Detroit-based firm. He is running for his second term on the Ann Arbor City Council. On Nov. 7 he faces Ali Ramwali, who is running as an independent. Smith defeated David Silkworth in the Aug. 8 Democratic primary, winning 52.52% of the vote.

In his role on council, Smith serves on several advisory committees and commissions, including the Environmental Commission, Transportation Commission, the Medical Marijuana Ordinance Review Committee and the Liquor License Review Committee.

Smith has sponsored or co-sponsored over three dozen resolutions, including ones that relate to pedestrian safetyprevailing wage requirements, the 1,4 dioxane plume and the 2016 Regional Transit Authority ballot proposal, among other issues. He voted in favor of the sale of development rights on the downtown Library Lot and in support of the city's deer management plan – though he recently co-sponsored a budget amendment to defund that program, and to shift those funds to climate action and pedestrian safety programs instead. (The proposal failed on a 3-8 vote.)

Smith has stated that he supports sustainable funding for affordable housing and climate adaptation programs, as well as the need to address the city's housing shortage. He also supports improving roads to make them safe for all users. He has made pedestrian and bicycle safety a bedrock issue since initially running for council in 2013.

His campaign website provides details of his priorities in the categories of climate & environment, financial responsibility, housing & affordability, neighborhoods, infrastructure, and recycling/organic waste.

Smith was first elected to council on November 2015 after defeating incumbent Mike Anglin in the August Ward 5 Democratic primary. In November 2013, Smith had been an official write-in candidate for the Ward 5 seat but lost to Anglin, the incumbent. 

Smith holds a masters degree in landscape architecture from the University of Michigan, an undergraduate degree from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a graduate certificate in Local Government Management from Eastern Michigan University. At Wade Trim, he works with municipal clients on redevelopment issues, planning and policy. He is an AICP certified planner and is responsible for project management. 

Smith lives on Ann Arbor's Old West Side. He is married to Courtney Piotrowski and has two young daughters.

His campaign treasurer is Samantha Brdek, an accounting and finance employee at Benevolent, a fundraising site focused on connecting donors with low-income recipients.

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