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Elizabeth Clement

Elizabeth Clement  

Elizabeth Clement is a Michigan Supreme Court justice who is running for her first full term. She was appointed to the court by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder in November 2017 to replace former Justice Joan Larsen, who had been named to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. These are nonpartisan races but candidates are nominated to run by each political party. Clement was nominated by the Michigan Republican Party.

Her nomination was controversial among some Republicans because of her decision to join the majority in a 4-3 ruling to allow an anti-gerrymandering proposal to be placed on the Nov. 6 ballot. She also voted with the majority in a 4-3 ruling that upheld the right of Ann Arbor and Clio public schools to ban guns in their districts.

On her campaign website, Clement is described as a rule-of-law judge who “respects the separation of powers and understands that the role of the judiciary is limited to interpreting and applying the Constitution and laws as written.”

Prior to her appointment to the Michigan Supreme Court, Clement served as chief legal counsel for Republican Gov. Rick Snyder. She held other jobs within Snyder's administration, including cabinet secretary, deputy chief of staff and deputy legal counsel. In 2010, Clement served as legal counsel for Republican Michael Bishop, the state Senate Majority Leader. From 2006-2010 she was policy advisor in the state Senate Majority Policy Office.

Clement worked in private practice for her own law firm from 2002-2006, focusing on family law, adoption, probate, estate planning, and criminal law. Before that she was a legislative aide to State Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Rogers.

Clement received both her undergraduate degree and law degree from Michigan State University.

She lives in East Lansing with her husband, Thomas Clement, and their four children. Thomas Clement is general counsel to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Mary Doster, treasurer of the nonprofit Michigan Redistricting Resource Institute, is serving as treasurer for Clement's campaign. Doster also is campaign treasurer for the other Republican Supreme Court candidate, Kurtis Wilder.

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