Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 2

Kathy Griswold

Kathy Griswold

Kathy Griswold is a former trustee for the Ann Arbor Public Schools, an advocate for pedestrian safety, and a retired info tech consultant. This is her first bid for a seat on the Ann Arbor City Council, and she is uncontested on Nov. 6 ballot. Councilmembers elected this year will serve a four-year term.

She defeated incumbent Kirk Westphal in the Aug. 7 Democratic primary, winning 50.45% of votes cast – a margin of 53 votes. No Republican is running for this seat.

On the issues section of her campaign website, Griswold cites improving roads and neighborhoods, supporting citizen priorities, accelerating neighborhood sewer and road repairs, prioritizing public safety and sustainability, and levying taxes "only when absolutely necessary and through a process that is completely transparent."

Griswold previously served in elected office as a trustee for the Ann Arbor Public Schools from 2001-2005. She lost an election to the AAPS Board of Education in June of 2001, but was appointed to the board later that year to fill a partial term caused by the resignation of Henry McQueen. In June 2002, she ran successfully for a three-year term as an AAPS trustee, a nonpartisan position.

During her tenure, she co-chaired the AAPS student achievement committee and supported building the district's newest high school, Skyline High. She also has served for over a decade on the district’s Transportation Safety Committee, starting prior to her election to school board. 

Griswold did not seek re-election after her initial term but continued her involvement with AAPS, serving on the PTO Council and other groups. She is a member of A2 Safe Transport, a group that advocates for pedestrian safety improvements in Ann Arbor.

Griswold is a frequent speaker during public commentary at Ann Arbor City Council and other public meetings. Her commentary has covered a range of topics, including pedestrian safety issues and advocacy for the city to improve streetlights, especially at school crosswalks.

Griswold helped lead successful opposition campaigns against several tax proposals over the years, including the 2012 bond proposal to build a new downtown library, and a 2009 school "enhancement" millage. She served as campaign treasurer for both of those efforts.

She was also active in campaigns against a proposal to expand local transit services in 2014 and opposing a 2016 proposal to increase Ann Arbor City Council terms to 4 years. In 2017, she was campaign treasurer for a group opposing the countywide millage for public safety and mental health services. Each of those three ballot proposals were passed by voters.

Griswold has supported current Ann Arbor City Council members, including Jack Eaton (Ward 4) and Sumi Kailasapathy (Ward 1).

In other community work, Griswold is chair of the Friends of the Michigan League and serves on the League's Board of Governors. She has served on the Ann Arbor Kiwanis board and strategic planning committee.

In the 1980s Griswold worked for Unisys Corp., serving as director of information services. She also worked as a consultant – SQC Associates – focused on medical info tech systems. She holds an MBA and a master's degree in social work, both from the University of Michigan.

Griswold lives near King Elementary School on the city's east side. She is married to Joe Machak, a retired University of Michigan assistant professor who serves as her campaign treasurer. They have two grown children and have been foster parents to six other children.

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