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Lucas Cole

Lucas Cole is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. He is one of eight nonpartisan candidates for four open seats on the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Trustees.

Cole is running on a slate with Bryan L. Johnson and Rebecca Lazarus

The group's campaign website lists a range of policy changes they would hope to make, if elected. Among those are a comprehensive review of student testing with the goal of establishing balanced testing practices; creating a fair and effective teacher evaluation system; and focusing on equitable outcomes for all students regardless of race/ethnicity, ability, LGBTQ+ status, and family income. Cole lists additional goals on his own page on that site.

Cole attended Ann Arbor Public Schools, including Skyline High. He graduated in the spring of 2018. He is a Planned Parenthood peer educator, and serves on the AAPS Sexual Health Education Advisory Committee. 

Cole lives in the Water Hill neighborhood. He is the son of UM history professor Joshua Cole and Kate Tremel, a ceramic artist.

Cole is serving as treasurer for his own campaign.

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