More Voter Resources

Looking for more? Here are links to other useful sites for voters.


The national League of Women Voters website – – is a great place to get info on federal, state and local candidates. Enter your address to get personalized ballot information or verify your registration status. The League of Women Voters of the Ann Arbor Area also asks candidates to complete questionnaires about local issues. You'll find those candidate responses on Vote411.

Michigan Voter Info Center is operated by the Michigan Secretary of State. It lets you verify your registration status, find your polling place, get a sample ballot, track the status of your absentee ballot and more. Also check out this 2-page brochure that clearly describes the voting process.

2018 Voter & Candidate Toolbox

Bridge Magazine's 2018 Voter & Candidate Toolbox provides detailed campaign positions of gubernatorial candidates – on infrastructure, roads, the economy, gun bills and other issues. Want more? Play the You Be The Governor Game!

Washtenaw County Elections Division

The Elections Division of the Washtenaw County Clerk/Register's Office coordinates and administers all federal, state and local elections in Washtenaw County. The division is led by Ed Golembiewski, chief deputy clerk and director of elections. The site includes a searchable database of campaign finance filings for local candidates, the official list of local candidates with contact info, and more. The staff also posts local election results online after the polls close on Election Day, and provides a guide for anyone who's interested in running for office.

Ann Arbor City Clerk

The city clerk's office, located on the 2nd floor of city hall at 301 E. Huron, handles logistics for elections in the city of Ann Arbor. The city clerk's elections website provides information about polling locations, voting by absentee ballot and more.

Glossary: Voter Vocabulary

Confused by election jargon? Not sure what "millage" means? Our Voter Vocabulary guide includes definitions of basic terms that you'll encounter during elections and year-round.

MLive Voter Guide

This statewide MLive Media Group Voter Guide includes information about local races, but it hasn't yet been published for the Aug. 7, 2018 primary.

More National Online Resources

Campus Vote Project – Michigan Student Voting Guide: A site geared specifically for college students, it answers questions like "Will voting in Michigan affect my federal financial aid?" and "Will registering to vote in Michigan prevent my parents from claiming me as a dependent on their taxes?"

How to Vote in Every State: Published in 2016, this ambitious project provides short videos for each state that detail how the voting process works. Click here for the video about how to vote in Michigan. The effort is led by Hank and John Green, entrepreneurs known as the "Vlogbrothers."

TurboVote: On TurboVote you can sign up to receive reminders about upcoming elections, apply for an absentee ballot and more. If your university or college is a TurboVote "partner," you'll be able to access even more features. Locally, Washtenaw Community College and the University of Michigan's Ginsberg Center are TurboVote partners.

Turn Up Turnout: Known as TUT, this University of Michigan initiative is focused on boosting the number of college students who vote. Click here to see a summary of their projects

VoteSmart: This nonpartisan site, primarily geared toward national and state races, tries to help voters "find your political soulmate." (A local variation of this concept – called the Voter-Candidate Match – was developed by a group led by Allan Feldt for some of the local races on the Nov. 8, 2016 ballot. It is no longer active.)

We'll be adding links to other voter resources as this election cycle unfolds. Have a suggestion? Let us know by emailing Mary Morgan at