Who's Running for the State Board of Education?

OUTCOME: Republicans Tom McMillin and Nikki Snyder were elected to the Michigan State Board of Education in this statewide race. (In Washtenaw County, Democrats Ish Amhed and John Austin received a majority of votes.) For more results, check the Washtenaw County elections site.

The Michigan State Board of Education is an eight-member public body whose members are elected for eight-year terms in at-large, partisan statewide elections. Every two years, two positions on the board are up for election. 

The board’s current responsibilities were established by the 1963 State Constitution. Among other duties, the board selects and appoints the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, who administers the Michigan Department of Education, and the State Board Executive who directs State Board operations.

Below you'll find links to candidate profiles for this race. You can check out our Voter Basics page for more details about the voting process. (If you need to see a SAMPLE BALLOTclick here.)


In addition to the main party candidates profiled here, there are several other candidates on the ballot. Here are their names and party affiliations, with links to their campaign finance information and campaign website, if available.

Karen Adams – US Taxpayers
Scotty Boman – Libertarian
Derek Grigsby – Green
Bill Hall – Libertarian
Mary Anne Hering – Working Class (campaign website)
David Levesque – US Taxpayers (campaign website)
Sherry Wells – Green